Himitsuri no Lagoon

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Himitsuri no Lagoon
A screenshot from the English translation purchase page of Lagoon Lounge showing the main cast
Himitsuri no Lagoon original visual novel cover.
Genre visual novel, dating sim
Developer KAIJYU
Publisher DiGiket.com, DLSite.com
Ratings 18+
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Platforms Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Release Date June 21, 2012
Media Type Digital Download

Himitsuri no Lagoon (秘密裏のラグーン) otherwise known as Lagoon Lounge, is an adult kemono yaoi (gay) themed visual novel/dating sim created by the circle KAIJYU.[1] In this three part series, the game follows the protagonist Kuugo, whom, after losing his job, reunites with an old friend and starts working at a small town cafe, the Lagoon Lounge. Business has been good lately for the cafe due to an increase in tourism — people coming to experience the mysterious phenomenon known as "The Giant of Harasu." But when other strange things begin to happen, and Kuugo begins to wonder if something sinister is behind it.[1]

The game is complete, providing the reader with multiple routes available for exploration. Total game play time ranges from 2-10 hours[1]

The creator strictly prohibits the uploading of and reverse engineering of the software. Stating that English translations of the software will be discontinued if done so. Wishing that users respect their will and enjoy Lagoon Lounge.[2]


The story is told from the perspective of Kuugo, a Japanese husky, narrating his adventures in the town he's new to, solving the mystery of 'the poisonous fountain,' and running into mischievous acts. The story captures many aspects of Japanese slice-of-life stories. The plot itself revolves around the day-to-day internal operations of the Lounge and its employee's relationships with one another. There is also an unchecked fascination with a mysterious fountain in the middle of town which appears to have some connection to the rampant earthquakes which have been occurring sporadically, dubbed "The Giant of Harasu."[3]


  • Kuugo 空午 ♂
The protagonist, a Japanese husky. His actions are chosen by the player. Kuugo recently moved into the village and started working as waitstaff at the Lagoon Lounge cafe. He is cheeky, playful, but respectful and has a healthy sense of adventure/curiosity.
  • Inami Sousuke 稲海 爽輔 ♂
  • Sanriku Gou 山陸 豪 ♂
  • Urushi Yuujirou 漆 悠二郎♂
  • Hitofumi Yamato 一步 大和♂
  • Inami Seiya 稻海 晴也♂
  • Morikawa Yuuri


Hidamaru’s Lagoon series was translated by twitter user @and_is_w, transcribed and released in script form, but the games themselves were locked down and could not be translated. It wasn’t until word of an English bootleg (by a third party, now cancelled) surfaced, that Hidamaru acknowledged the translated scripts’ existence. And_is_w took it upon himself to contact Hidamaru and provide him with the translated scripts, and the result is the official English release, Lagoon Lounge.[4]


Yaneura no Lagoon | 屋根裏のラグーン[edit]

Yaneura no Lagoon 屋根裏のラグーン. is the successor to Himitsuri no Lagoon and features more characters, routes, scenes and builds upon the previous game somewhat. This game has also been translated into English.[5]

Irori no Lagoon | 囲炉裏のラグーン[edit]

The third and final game in the Lagoon series. The official English translation has been released recently.


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