Hikaru Katayamma

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Hikaru Katayamma is a resident of the Kansas City area. He is the writer of Identity Crisis, provides the color work for The Suburban Jungle and Never Never. He also currently serves as the Charity Auction Coordinator for Mephit Furmeet which raises money for Tiger Haven.

Hikaru Katayamma works as a consultant to multiple ISP's (internet service providers), international companies and non-profit organizations. Although he specialized in working with Slackware Linux and Cisco routers, he also works with the usual Microsoft products as well as legacy systems such as the DEC VAX and Amiga computer systems.

Over the years, he has programmed in assembly, BASIC, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, Pl/1, PERL, and C. Although he isn't a full time programmer, he does understand the concepts of programming well enough to beat most any square peg source code software into whatever round hole he's working on.

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