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Hikaru Fionn (born November 1,[1] 1994) is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker based in North East Ohio, USA.[2] She builds fursuits under the label Storm Wolf Creations.[2]

Fursonas and characters[edit]

Hikaru's main fursona is a white female spectral wolf (Hikaru), and her secondary fursona is a black male saber-tooth glow panther (Vitali). Hikaru also has five OCs; Comet (wolf), Percy (cat), Cola (pit bull), Rory (grey fox), and Teva (spirit jackal).

Hikaru Fionn[edit]

Hikaru was born in the mountains of the Winter Forest to the local wolf pack. She was soon abandoned by her family due to superstitions about her one black paw, according to the elders, she was born with one paw in death, a curse for the entire pack. She was soon rescued by the Fionn elves, along with another young pup named Comet, left to die for one purple eye believed to see ghosts. The two were raised as siblings. During the sibling's first hunting trip, Comet charged across a thinly iced river after an elk. Hikaru rushed to save her brother from the ice cracking under his paws, only to be plunged into the ice cold current herself. Despite Comet's efforts, she was whisked away by the river and never found. Hikaru now wanders the world in limbo, looking to either pass on or resurrect.

Vitali Amore[edit]

Very few records of Vitali's past exist, not even he knows his true origins. As an adolescent cub he wandered into Kelix City where he met another young feline named Percy Felis. The Felis family soon adopted the young panther, his only memory of his birth family being the name 'Amore'. Years later, Vitali now runs the popular club, Lumen, named after his own personal glow. Eventually, Vitali encounters and acknowledges a very startled Hikaru, and promises to help her escape limbo.


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