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Hex The Wulf (usually shortened to just Hex) was born on January 24. Hex is a Hexadecimal Wolf from Brownsville, Texas in the United States. He goes by "Hex" for short but spells "wolf" in his name as "wulf" so that it is distinguished. He is currently attending college as a computer science major at The University of Texas at Brownsville. He enjoys, using, fixing, building, and learning about computers. He also enjoys playing video games, and listening to music. Hex writes his screen name as "<HEX_THE_WULF/>."


His unique Fursona, Hex, is a Hexadecimal Wolf; A species of wolf that is based on the base 16 numbering system. The only fursona known to be based on a numbering system. Hex is a wolf that has medium dark grey, and white fur, white triangles that cover his eyes and point to his nose, green eyes, jet black hair with light blue tips, a tail that consists of stripes of light blue and black, has light blue accents on his arms and legs, and a blue marking of a hexagon on his back,

Hex used to be known as "Nobilis Lupus" or "Nobilis" for short which means Noble Wolf in latin. He joined the fandom in 2010 when he was a high school freshman and Nobilis was created. Hex then changed his name to his current one three years later.

Copyrighted Fursona[edit]

Hex is a character that is owned by HexTheWulf. The Hexadecimal Wolf species is owned by HexTheWulf