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HeroicOnes, also sometimes spelled Heroic_Ones (born June 15 1987), is an Austrian music composer and artist, primarily known for his work in the adult furry muscle growth scene. While he stopped producing artwork in late 2010, he is still active as a composer, writing orchestral and new-age music as well as Synthwave. His lives with his fiancé in upper Austria.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Dr. Heros Sooniecher as drawn by Meesh

HeroicOnes joined the furry fandom in around 2005, first appearing under the alias Sooniecher (of which "HeroicOnes" is an anagram of). HeroicOnes joined Fur Affinity in 2010 and has posted regularly there, commissioning artwork of various different artists. The artwork posted was all growth-themed and revolved mostly around fetishes such as muscle growth and breast expansion. HeroicOnes has established himself as a known figure in the growth scene since. On July 7, 2018, he left FA, citing disagreement with the site management. His page and its content still exist, but no new content has been posted since.

He joined Inkbunny on February 2011. The page was created to publish artwork and commissions that were removed from FurAffinity during a policy change. The page is mostly barren, receiving rare updates.


  • Dr. Heros Sooniecher - Heros is a black/white-furred Wolf/Vampire hybrid and serves his main Fursona. He is modeled after HeroicOnes himself, being extremely tall (2.1m / 6'10") with a skinny figure and sporting long, pale hair bound into a pony. He serves as the main protagonist in his lore, being the head of a Fortune 500 company that manufactures and sells growth-supplements.
  • Eliot Wú - Eliot is a Mantis. Her colors are two slightly varying shades of green with red eyes. She is a secondary character in his lore, a Tibetan immigrant living in Germany and working as a model for the erotic magazine Volouptex.
  • Sable Kozlov - Sable is a young goat with dark blue, white and black spotted fur and short black hair. A secondary character in the lore, she grew up in a slave-labor camp in Russia which exploited dairy-producing species. She was liberated from it by Dr. Sooniecher and serves as his assistant since.
  • Alex Sooniecher - A young dragoness with red scales and brown hair. She is the adoptive daughter of Dr. Sooniecher with a very tsundere-escé personality.


He joined Twitter in November 2015. His Twitter page has become his main outlet after leaving FA. It is somewhat of a fan page for his character Eliot and consists almost exclusively of content including her and politically incorrect humor as well as memes.

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