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Helping Pawz is a costumed character performing group that volunteers for a variety of not-for-profit groups and charities mostly around Vancouver, Canada. The group has members from the area as well as a couple members from Washington state, USA. The group is not a furry organization, though some of its members are also members of furry fandom.

The Helping Pawz Association is a registered not-for-profit Association in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The expenses for operations of the Association are paid by the members.

"Helping Pawz was the sponsoring organization for" Howloween 2003.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

"To help brighten the lives of those in the communities we serve through the performance entertainment of our mascot-style Helping Pawz characters at social, community and non-profit events."[citation needed]

Vancouver, BC[edit]

Founded in 2001, the Vancouver chapter participated in six events in 2004, nine events in 2005, seven events in 2006, five events in 2007, six events in 2008, six events in 2009 and five events in 2010.[2] The Vancouver group has a few dedicated spotters. In 2010 April they had 12 characters listed on their website that are played by the performers at events[3] and in 2011 August had 6 characters listed on their website.[4]


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