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Sam Starfall and Helix

Helix is a robot character from the webcomic Freefall.

He (Helix is a masculine character, even though technically he has no gender) has been a companion and faithful servant of Sam Starfall for as long as anyone is aware. He is not designed to be intelligent; by his own admission his primary function is to pick things up, move them, and put them back down.

Helix has a childlike personality, and established the precedent of calling Florence Ambrose "doggy", which seems fairly representative of the care most self-aware robots in and around the spaceport take in differentiating species.

Helix's body is spherical, with four insect-like legs, two arms, and a small head on top. His eyes and body language convey his emotions, as he has no mouth or other facial features. His construction is apparently only sufficiently sturdy to perform his primary function; any undue stress would likely cause his frame to buckle, even though the worst that has happened to him so far is that he was disassembled and reassembled incorrectly.