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Hector MoD (Hector, Mercenary of Delirium, born March 5th, 1992) is a Christian Dutch writer in the babyfur community, active in it since May 14, 2009.


Hector has two littlefur fursonas. One is a wolf/arctic fox hybrid with the same name, while the other is a tri-colored Bordercollie puppy of somewhere between three and four years old. The pup's name is Nido.

The Relibria Series[edit]

Hector is the author of the Relibria Series, which is to be found on CS Fox's Fox Tales Times and Lig's The Furr Den. The Relibria Series is non-yiffy and contains only mild violence. The series include:

  • Relibria 1: A whole new life - The story of Simon
  • Relibria 2: Glowing Embers - The story of Jack - A sequel to A whole new life. This story contains two cameos, introducing characters borrowed from befriended fellow writers.
  • Relibria 3: A Saviour's Endeavor - The story of Emily - The conclusion of the trilogy. This story is shorter than the previous parts. However, it describes the thrilling conclusion to the Relibria trilogy
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