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Hector Bomb, also known as, is a furry and e-federation RP wrestler.

Personal Life[edit]

Hector Bomb is currently 16 and dating Lenny @GGearshift


Affiliation With AltFurry[edit]

During October 2017, Hector Bomb learned of and gain entry into the group AltFurry. He was kicked out of the group and began leaking Discord DMs which showed sexual discussions between Blumiere Wolf (admin of AltFurry) and himself. Hector accused Blumiere of "pedophillia with extra steps". This led to Blumiere forging Twitter DMs which showed that Blumiere knew that Hector was underage.

Conspiracy Theories[edit]

Hector Bomb has been the linchpin of many conspiracy theories including him being a Neo-Nazi sympathizer, Russian Bot, Jailbaiter (alleged by Blumiere and Jin), Kiwi Farmer (alleged by Blumiere),

His characters are: *Hector Bomb (his fursona), a male skunk.

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