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Hearts Treasure is the furry name of Mrs. Lauren Bell who started out in the fur fandom in Central Florida, and attended many events while selling her jewelry. She is married to a U.S. soldier and moving around the country. As of October 2010 she is in Hawaii and attends nearby furry and anime events. She attended the 2011 Kawaii-Kon and 2012 Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

She has two fursonas but does not role play with them. Her fursonas are a white feathered dragoness named Tsubasa No Kami and russet colored wolf named Rosebella Wolf Tears.

In October 2010 she went into buisness as Mad House Mind Works selling her Steampunk, Cosplay and Furry jewelry on Etsy.com. She has run banner ads run on Fur Affinity.

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