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Entrance to the fursuit lounge at Eurofurence 19
Fans are typically run full-time in the lounge

The headless lounge, also known as a fursuit lounge, is a room set aside for fursuiters and their fursuit handlers at a convention or other event, furry or not. It is often a quality standard for conventions to have at least one headless lounge.

Other private areas such as hotel rooms, restroom stalls and certain party rooms can be used for a similar purpose.

Room set-up[edit]

Given that fursuits can often become uncomfortably hot, the headless lounge is the place for fursuiters to remove the head of their fursuit in order to cool off. Ideally it has privacy, fans, and plenty of refreshments.

Oftentimes the air conditioning is turned up to further help fursuiters cool off. Sometimes repair tools will be at hand (e.g. sewing kits, hot glue guns, Velcro, duct tape, etc), for emergency repairs.

Off-limits rules[edit]

Non-fursuiters are typically not allowed or discouraged to enter the headless lounge (aside from handlers and convention staff members), in order to give fursuiters privacy and a "break" from crowds, especially if they happen to be popular.

Additionally, taking photographs of a suiter with their suit's head off without prior authorized permission is heavily frowned upon, as it is considered taboo in the fursuiting community to take this kind of pictures.

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