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H-Con 2: The Tails on Fire

H-Con is a furry convention currently held at the Petershof in Erbach, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany between the cities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg. The annual conference is hosted each autumn by the AFC-Group.

H-Con should not be mixed up with HerbstCon, another German furry convention held in the autumn.

H-Con claims to be an "old-time" furry convention, where every participating fur becomes a part of the staff and the food supply is plentiful (all you can eat). The event is primarily organized by Atalon Deer of the H-Con Committee.


H-Con 1: The Forgotten Tails
  • H-Con 1: "The Forgotten Tails" took place in 2005 from October 2 to 3 and attracted about 45 furs.
  • H-Con 2: "The Tails on Fire" took place in 2006 from September 29 to October 2, with 53 attendees. A "Dead Dog Night" after-party was held from October 2 to 3.
  • H-Con 3 "Tails from the Twilight World" took place in 2007 from October 4 to 7 with the "Dead Dog Night" after-party to follow from October 7 to 8. 48 participants stayed on site, plus 5 off-site and 4 day guests. 1070 kg of food and drinks were consumed during the con. The activities included operation of radio-controlled helicopters and the production of a movie.
  • H-Con 4 took place in 2008, October 2 to 5 at the same location, again the number of on-site participants was limited to 50.
  • H-Con 5: "Tails from the Ashes" encountered issues with the former con-site that threatened to endanger the convention. It was held at one of two alternative con-sites that have been found and evaluated.
  • H-Con 6: "Tailbusters" took place in 2010 on a new and a little bigger location next to Bühl in the Black Forrest next to France. Since the Con went down clother to the Swiss, H-Con got more Furs from Swizerland. Due many requestes the Con was now set up for a maximum of 60 Furs.
  • H-Con 7: "Where No Tail Has Gone Before" was at the same location next to Bühl and it was heawy loaded wit SciFi content =)
  • H-Con 8: "Wild Tails West" was announced for October 3 - 7, 2012 [1]
  • H-Con 9: "The Sorcerer's Nine Tails" took place from October 9 - 13, 2013 [2]
  • H-Con 10: "X-Tails" took place from Oktober 1 - 5, 2014

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