Hastings County Furries

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Hastings County Furries is a number of groups and chats intended for furries located in rural eastern Ontario's Hastings County that covers several cities/town(ships) and surrounding areas:

  • City of Belleville
  • Town of Bancroft
  • Town of Deseronto
  • Municipality of Centre Hastings
  • Municipality of Hastings Highlands
  • Municipality of Tweed
  • Municipality of Marmora and Lake
  • Township of Carlow/Mayo
  • Township of Faraday
  • Township of Limerick
  • Township of Madoc
  • Township of Stirling-Rawdon
  • Township of Tudor and Cashel
  • Township of Tyendinaga
  • Township of Wollaston

Social groups can be found on multiple platforms:[edit]

Region Specific[edit]