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Harwich Wolcott is a 20-something rabbit (Eastern cottontail fur-patterning) who resides on both Tapestries and FurryMUCK. He spends most of his time on Tapestries, as he runs Merriam's_Pub there with Travi, a feisty raccoon lady. ICly, the pub is owned by his aunt Merriam, but she rarely makes an actual appearance.

Harwich is a bit of a layabout, and rather vanilla, but he's easy enough to get along with. He is named after the town of Harwich, Massachusetts, and all of his brothers and sisters are likewise named after towns on Cape Cod. His family is old money, old enough that they don't flaunt it anymore. You'd likely never guess it if you met him. His siblings all have respectable jobs- lawyers, doctors, architects, you name it. Not Harwich, though. He's the artist. Well, that's what he claims, anyway. He's yet to produce much in the way of art. His siblings don't mince words. "Bum" is the most charitable one. Luckily his parents are still willing to let him try, and let him live rent-free in their summer house on the beach in Hyannis. His aunt Merriam likes his creative spirit, and has let him run her newly-reopened pub for her. Perhaps it will be the inspiration he needs.