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Harvest The Husky (born October 21, 1989),[1] also known as Tailswingman and Harvest McCormick, is a furry whose fursona is a blue and lime-green husky.[2] Originally from Battle Creek, Nebraska, USA, he lives in Carter Lake, Iowa.

Harvest can be found on Second Life as Usankusai Hayabusa.

Oklacon 2011[edit]

Harvest was on the staff of Oklacon 2011, as Fursuit (Outdoor) Track Lead. However, before the convention began, he broke his arm after attempting to skateboard down a steep hill in the state park venue. He was transported by Kodi Wolfe for treatment at a local hospital, and then for surgery in Oklahoma City.

For the remainder of the convention, numerous attendees and staff affectionately referred to him as "Stumbles the Hill Husky", in playful reference to Tumbles the Stairdragon.[citation needed]


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