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Harui Komah is a furry writer and fursuiter who lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, U.S.A.[1] Her fursona is a little blue dragon.[1]

Harui's fursuit was constructed by Artslave.[2]


Harui is a huge gamer, and plays everything except sports and racing.[1] She has been collecting video games since the days of Nintendo and has never gotten rid of any system or game she has owned. She also enjoy other "geeky" pursuits, such as comic books, science fiction, and fantasy.

Having a love of history, Harui helped to found and run the history_furs community on Fur Affinity. Her favorite areas are dinosaurs and Ancient Egypt, but she has a general fondness for anything prehistoric and involving ancient cultures. She also has an interest in the Medieval period and the Victorian period through to the 1940s.

Harui enjoys reading, and takes any opportunity to exercise her brain, particularly through puzzle-solving and riddles. Other interests of hers include anime, movies, dragons, Star Wars, Transformers(G1), drawing, and MechWarrior.


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