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Haroku Shikoa, aka "Ember Skunk", born Haroku Rain Shikoa is an Engineer and Landscaper born in 1990. He currently lives in Texas. Raised in a family that was disgusted by furs, he did not come into the furry community until after high school. He was raised in Colorado for half of his life as the child of a mechanic and a retail store clerk, and moved to Texas after the death of his youngest sister. From an early age, he loved to work with machines, and went into the field of engineering at age 15 as his father's co-worker. After graduation, he moved to northeastern Texas and set up a small repair shop in order to pay his bills, and currently is enrolled in college. He has been shown to have an unnatural fixation with foxes, in particular the yellow fox Digimon known as Renamon, and does not think of her as an "overplayed character". Openly admits to being a lover of inflatable objects and plushies, they remind him of "parallelism". He always wears a blue tuque with red stripes and a red pom-pom that he calls his "Tough Guy's Tuque", both the colors and name are references to Team Fortress 2 and the Heavy's unlockable headgear of the same name (albeit spelled "toque" instead).


Haroku uses a hybrid Skunk/Rabbit/Dragon fursona that is named after himself. His fursona can be described as a long-and-lop-eared scentless skunk with red markings instead of white. He is most commonly seen wearing Steampunk-style clothing or all-out leather engineering gear, though he is never seen without a pair of goggles on. Haroku can be found on Furcadia, commonly visiting The Sleazy Ferret. He is best characterized by his "swinging wrench", which is played straight in the form of a pipe wrench swung at people as a way of playing around. His fursona gets the nickname "Ember Skunk" from a natural obsession with flames and a natural resistance to fire.

The Genetic Ebb and Flow[edit]

Haroku's body, while standardly a skunk, is known to have an ebb and flow where his genetics strengthen and weaken by different measures. Shortly before August, it is at a flow period, rendering him an effeminate Skunkdragon (furred dragon, skunk pattern). October gets the ebb of this, leaving him "Skabbit" with an intense Schadenfreude complex. During the Skabbit Ebb, his appearance is more raptor-esque and built like an arrow. He is once again himself at the break of mid-December. Interactions with others during the ebb and flow can be varied and possibly hostile.

Video game interests[edit]

Haroku is primarily into FPS and RPG games due to the interactivity and immersion presented by the genres. He is noted to be a fan of the Fallout, Halo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Half-Life, and Left 4 Dead franchises. Most commonly, he is found to play Team Fortress 2 in his spare time. Haroku prefers games with some challenge to them, and dislikes games you can complete in under 5 hours due to their simplicity and usual lack of storyline and immersion. He tends to use the name "HarokuShikoa" or "Ember Skunk" for online multiplayer games.


Haroku is a small-jobs engineer for a local repair shop, specializing in electric devices and transportation. As a side-job, he is a private landscaper and gardener.


Haroku's hobbies consist of gardening, tinkering with broken machines, playing on Furcadia, building small machines, listening to 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and playing baseball. He is able to play the guitar, but does not do so regularly. Haroku used to record brief instruction videos on how to perform small repair jobs.

Future Plans[edit]

Haroku plans on becoming a regular visitor of furry conventions and hopes to one day bring together all the local repressed furs in order to spread the influence of the fandom.

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