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Haphizard (born October 3, 2000)[1] is an artist and character designer who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She originally lived in Southern California, and moved to Missouri in her mid-teen years. She says she enjoyed living in California more but cannot go back yet. [2] Her main fursona is a pink and white sodadog with a pink straw and long blonde hair, named Kat



Kat is a female pink and white Sodadog with long blonde hair, based off of Sparkling Grapefruit Ice. Kat is described by Haphizard to be lazy, constantly tired, and a tomboy. She is Haphizard's main fursona and is very often drawn. Haphizard owns a fursuit of Kat, made by ItsProbablyMars.


Haphazard's current design is a male multicolored fennec fox/Chinese dragon hybrid. He is described by Haphizard to be a mascot instead of her main fursona. Haphazard is mostly black with pink, purple, white, and green parts, along with green and purple eyes. He has three pairs of legs and large ears. Haphazard has gone through three redesigns through Haphizard's time, obviously inspiring her username on many platforms. Haphizard once owned a fursuit of his original design, made by FurryiousWolf on Deviantart.

Sodadogs and sodacats[edit]

Sodadogs and sodacats are two closed species created by Haphizard. Instead of fur, their tails are made of soda, and they can both be anthro or feral.


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