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Halfshell's Turtle fursona. Artwork by Kira T. Wulfe

Halfshell (born September 6, 1981), also known as Halfshell Hero, Sabaka, Sabaka'Zlo, Halfshell Boa, and Sabaka Mahusky, is a furry artist from Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Halfshell is blood related to country legend Merle Haggard and rock legend Melissa Etheridge. Halfshell is also friends with Jeff Goode (creator of Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long), Dante Basco (voice of Jake Long and played Rufio in Hook), Robbie Rist (voice of Whiz in Kidd Video, Michelangelo in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise), and the late Stefán Karl Stefánsson (played Robbie Rotten on LazyTown).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Halfshell Hero joined the fandom in late 2004 after leaving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fandom. While surfing on various websites, he found anthropomorphic art, and was interested in the furry culture. After submitting his own art to the InflatioNation, and was welcomed into the community, chatting with other furries online and getting to meet fellow furry, Sir Kain before AnthroCon in 2005. Halfshell was also one of the six original FurAffinity admins (2005) after its Beta launch in 2005 when it was under ownership of Alkora, who was known as Byakko Wolf or Jheryn Lightfoot then.


Halfshell's Turtle and Wolf/Husky fursonas. Artwork by CheapSkate. Permission used by artist.


Halfshell's main is a turtle fursona. It depicts from his transittion from his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles community to the furry community in 2004. The turtle character has gone through a few changes, the ninja attire and black headband was removed in 2005 and left remained a normal turtle for a few years after. When some the TMNT community joined the furries, red hair and then blue cap then was added in 2008.


Sabaka or Sabaka (Zlo) Mahusky [pronunciation: Saa'baka-shlo] is Halfshell's first original furry character. The character is a black and white husky-wolf mix (breed called wusky), with a scar down the left eye to his cheek. Sabaka Mahusky mostly donning a blue Hawaiian shirt with light blue palm leave design over it. Sabaka's alter-ego, Sabaka'Zlo is wearing his trademarked armor suit. Sabaka, the Russian meaning for dog or wolf; Zllo, the Russian meaning "demon", "evil", "devil". The idea for the character was spawned when Halfshell and a local kid were creating ideas for comic book characters. Sabaka is currently being used for Ironclaw role-playing game, and is Halfshell's retired fursuit since 2009.

Second life[edit]

Halfshell will often hang around Second Life under the name Halfshell Boa, and has created logos for various clubs and groups such as the Gay Furry Club (GFC), Cold Flame, and others.






Halfshell is also an artist working on traditional medium, mainly hand drawn using color pencils on paper. His artwork can be found on various platforms like deviantArt and Fur Affinity and on the discontinued SheezyArt and InflationNation. In 2005, Halfshell drew Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long inflated, which is now posted and published on Jeff Goode's official and personal site.


Cover of Caught In A Map (2006-2007)

In late 2004, Halfshell was a member of InflationNation site where he and Jaimetud Otter recorded “Blue’s Christmas” a parody of Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas", recorded for a friend, Blue. Later in 2005, Halfshell recorded "Leavin' the Con", as an effect of his Post Con Depression of AnthroCon 2005. Halfshell wanted to try parodies after the influence of SonicBlu, trying parody music, or also known as Furry Filk, covering various styles of Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, and Duran Duran.

Halfshell's music used to be heard on furry stations such as Planetfurry Radio (KWAT) and OtterTunes (ROVR) from 2005 to roughly around 2017, and since 2014 on MadMusic Archive. Over the years, Halfshell has wrote a few songs such as, Caught In A Map (2005) (co-written by Viktoria Foxfang), If Everyday Was a Fur Con (2005), Leavin' the Con (2004), I Won't Chow Down (2003), and Give All It's Pumping (to Inflate Oz Kangaroo) (2007). Some songs has also appeared on the Dr. Demento Show playlist as anonymous in 2004 with "I Won't Chow Down" and on July 14 of 2012, has appeared under the name Halfshell Hero with the remake of Vikitoria Foxfang's "The Hungry Furries" (2012).


Year Side-A/Side-B Label Album Notes
  • "I Won't Chow Down" (Home Recording)
  • "I Don't Think You're Full Now" (Home Recording)
Dr. Demento's Halloween Special (2003) -
  • Both songs have appeared on Dr. Demento's 2003 Halloween Special as snippets and been omit from the song line up
Furshell Studios and

InflatioNation Media

Caught In A Map: The Demos
  • Leaving The Con is a studio recording from Highpointe Recording Studios in Lenexa KS.
  • Blue's Christmas was mixed in Jaimetud's home studio.
  • only the song Leaving The Con appears on the album Caught In A Map: The Demos
Foxfang Studios/Fat Dragon Productions Caught In A Map: The Demos
  • Both these tracks are demos.
  • Caught In A Map features a cameo from SonicBlu
  • "Leavin The Con"
  • "I Won't Chow Down" (Studio Version)
  • "Ode to Oz the Kangaroo" (Bonus track)"
  • "Blue's Christmas" (Original Release)
Furshell Studios, Foxfang Studios/Fat Dragon Productions

This album is an pressed released single.

  • Leaving the Con (song) is a re-released from it's 2005 release.
  • I Won't Chow Down is a newly studio recording and differs from previous releases.
  • Ode to Oz the Kangaroo, a older studio recording that has been remastered for release.
  • "The Hungry Furries"
  • "Caught In A Map (To RMFC)" (Country Version)
Fat Dragon Productions Still pending
  • The Hungry Furries is the re-recorded version aired on Dr. Demento in 2012, hit #8 in top 10.
  • Caught In A Map (To RMFC) is a country version of Caught In A Map (The Ambitious Drive) and features Oren the Otter of Otter Tunes.
  • "Hungry, Said the Wolf" (2017 Version)
  • "Full Moon Rising"
  • "Full Moon Rising" (Country Version)
Fat Dragon Productions/Furshell Studios. Hungry, Said the Wolf single
  • Hungry, Said the Wolf is a parody of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" and is also re-recorded version.
  • Full Moon Rising is a parody of Credence Clearwater Revival and Emilylou Harris's "Bad Moon Rising"


Release Year Title Tracks Label
Caught In A Map: The Demos (currently out-of-print)

Caught In A Map (featuring SonicBlu / I Won't Chow Down / Hungry, Said The Wolf / Leavin' The Con / The Hungry Furries / Blue's Christmas 2006(duet with Viktoria Foxfang) / Caught In A Map (Alternate Version)/ Blue's Christmas 2006 (Alternate Version)(duet with Viktoria Foxfang)/ Blue's Christmas 2006 (without Viktoria Foxfang) / Blue's Christmas 2006 / Blue's Christmas 2006 (Viktoria Solo)/ The Pile Of Furries/ Johnny B. Goode / If Everyday Was A Fur Con

Foxfang Studios


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