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HTH Studios is the animation studio created by Crowchild. Originally named Pendragon Entertainment, until early 2007 when Crowchild changed the name. was shut down for slightly more than a month from late 2011 to early 2012. The shut-down, according to fans,[who?], was due to budget problems.[citation needed] HTH Studios switched servers and relaunched the website adding subscription content for $5 a month with new scenes released every month.

High Tail Hall[edit]

The studio is most noted for their adult flash animated game series, High Tail Hall. All HTH Studio projects were suspended until early 2007 when Crowchild started working on High Tail High 2.0. And shortly after the new High Tail Hall 2.0 hit the HTH Studios website it drew a lot of attention from fans of the series and new fans alike and it was a huge hit.

With this massive attention to the game and HTH Studios Crowchild continued doing small updates to the game and started selling HTH clothing and other good stuff as an HTH soundtrack CD. HTH Studios was seeing a lot success but near the beginning of 2009 the updates stopped and it seemed HTH Studios and HTH the game just stopped.

But near the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 Crowchild brought back HTH Studios with a brand new website and a brand new High Tail Hall game. The new look of the game generated much interest with fans. With followers on Facebook and Twitter and the forums on the HTH Studios website High Tail Hall was reborn.

List of games[edit]

  • High Tail Hall: A large interactive furry themed adult flash game taking place on a fictional chain of islands called the New Cyana Islands
  • Red Light District: A grittier version of High Tail Hall, set in an inner-city environment.

The future of HTH Studios[edit]

The future of HTH Studios is, as of December, 2011, unknown, with Crowchild posting on the HTH Studios website describing budget and funding problems. Crowchild stated that he has put his full attention to HTH Studios and the live updates to the game, and that he needed funding to keep it going. This is surprising to most of his fans, because he has very little to show for the last two years. Crowchild routinely takes down parts of the site and remove character, reworks them, and reposts. In fact, there is currently not much more content then there was in 2009. He has asked the fans of HTH Studios to donate funds to the site to keep it running, and has also stated that if funding does not come through then the website and game would have to be shut down. was down from December the 24th, 2011 to around February 1, 2012.

HTH Studios relaunched High Tail Hall around February 2012 opening up subscription content in October of that year. New scenes are released every month. In August 2015 HTH Studios launched a Patreon page which has votes for users to help determine priority within some of the workflow.

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