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Xyanth also known as Xyanth Cat, has been a programmer on several MUCKs, often playing as Timon (from The Lion King) or Gunda, both meerkats, or his most common persona, Xyanth. He started out on the internet in 1996 on a public chatroom called Silverchair Chat, where he spent pretty much every afternoon speaking with common friends and frequent new ones. At this point he was in middle school, and still learning about computers themselves, though he had no need for typing classes by now. In 1998 he was invited by a friend on the Silverchair Chat named Jenzi, who brought him to EntertainMUCK, where he found his way away from the brief and unpunctuated typing methods of fast-paced chatrooms into the world of MUCK-based roleplay and building. From here over the years he spread out across the large range of MUCKs available, joining MUCKs such as Toons, Fur and Fluff MUCK, Furtoonia MUCK, Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK, Fluff MUCK, and others.

In 1999 He eventually met a fellow who educated him on MUF and MPI programming, where he found his original start in the coding of MUCKs, and from there he developed his knowledge and experience with programming on MUCKs over the years, picking up programming jobs as the programming wizard, or simply debug and repair tasks.

He is or has been a wizard on The Shadowlands MUCK, Adult Poke Addicts 2, Camelot MUCK, FeatherMUCK, 101 Dalmatians MUCK, Los Muertos MUCK, X-Files MUCK, TMNT MUCK, Over the Hedge MUCK, Endless Round MUCK, Kings and Vagabonds MUCK, Great Circle MUCK, and Legends -n- Fables, as well as many other that have since either failed or changed names/ownership.

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