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Guma Kawauso, also known as Guma or Gummie (born on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, USA, on June 30, 1980), is a furry author whose writing includes adult-oriented historical anthropomorphic fiction. His fursona is an otter.


[edit] Biography

Guma Kawauso is the eldest child of the four born in his family. As a military brat, he traveled and lived in Florida, Texas and Alaska. Upon his father's release from the Air Force, he and his family moved to Indiana and then eventually Ohio. He attended Indiana Business College and graduated with an Associates in Applied Sciences in Travel Management.

[edit] Writings

Guma Kawauso has written a few adult-oriented stories which are housed on his Fur Affinity site. He states that he "lacks talent to do much" in the field of visual art. Guma Kawauso's current project is a story called Losing Inhibitions, which is supposed to be a collection of adult-oriented anthropomorphic stories set in 1920s Atlantic City, New Jersey.

He more recently wrote an erotic story entitled Edis of Calabria for Edis Krad. This story is set in the world of Ironclaw, a furry Role-playing game.

A new project inspired by The Magic Wing Icarus, a flash animation, is currently in the works under the title The Wings of Daidalos. The setting of which is in a post-apocalyptic Earth involving a machine called The Daidalos, a sentient aircraft that runs on latent ion energy.

[edit] Personal

His fursona has evolved over time. Guma was first a bear, then a creature called an aliursine (a SD/chibi bear with stylized wings), then an otter, and is now an otter with badger stripes.

Guma Kawauso currently lives with his mate, Rally Fox in Ohio.

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