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Guardians of Dar, often abbreviated as GoD, is an animal based MMORPG built with the source code of KovuLKD's Impressive Title. It currently offers 200+ maps and 4 playable species; Feline, Canine, Reptile(Dragon/Dinosaur based), and Aquatic Felines. GoD is still in early development and may continue to add new content in the future.

A feline Guardians of Dar character.


Guardians of Dar began as another Impressive Title based project called Impressive World. Impressive World became increasingly popular among Impressive Title and Feral Heart users around 2013, but eventually began to decline and was shut down. Impressive World was revived under new ownership a few years later, and is now in the process of being completely remade by a different team. The original development team behind Impressive World began to work on Guardians of Dar in about 2016, occasionally releasing in game footage of their progress on Youtube and the KITO forums. Guardians of Dar's first public release was in August 2018.


Guardians of Dar's gameplay is nearly identical to that of Impressive Title. The player can create a character with any of the available customization options in the character creator and use their character to explore environments in the game. The player can hunt prey found in different maps of the game, and will be rewarded with skills that can be used to make hunting easier. Items are also occasionally given and can be used to accessorize the player's characters. The player can interact with other players via the in game chatting system.

The Default map of Guardians of Dar.


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