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Guardian Knights, a comic about human shapeshifters rather than anthropomorphic characters, was written by Dean Graf and drawn by Tygger Graf. Published by Limelight during the 1990s, it had a limited five-issue run due to Limelight Publishing Inc. becoming bankrupt.

Guardian Knights is considered a publication of "furry interest" for its popularity with the fandom.


Human shapeshifters and elves had an intensive and massive change in the magic and politics of their world. The Guardian Knights had a change in their role as protectors of the world. The first five issues were the set up to this change, how it happened and the new path the Guardian Knights were to take.


The same name was used for a limited-edition (100 issue) portfolio of 12 prints, six by Tygger and six by Daphne Lage, each providing one colour print and five black-and-white prints.[1]


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