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Salmagundi (formerly Growly Genet) is an artist who is located in the U.S.A.[1]

Salmagundi states on Fur Affinity:

I'm not a dragon, I'm kind of a genet/salamander hybrid. Formerly I was Growly Genet, but I've gone by this name for quite some time outside of FA and I thought it was time to make the changeover. I'm an artist and a writer. I am genderqueer and prefer neutral or masculine pronouns but I'm not going to get my shorts in a twist if anyone forgets. I love cartoons and comic books. I'm the art director for Ringtail Cafe Productions as well as a comic artist.[2]

Growly Genet has done work on published comics including Katmandu Annual #6.

Salmagundi was one of the staff of Fur Reality 2013.[3]


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