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Growl sometimes referred to as Growlcoon is a Canadian furry who lives in the United States. His totem is a raccoon. He discovered furry fandom in 1989 at a furry room party at the Balticon science-fiction convention. He's attended and contributed to so many Sci-Fi and Furry cons over the years that he has lost count of them.

Chewy & Max
Growl (retired) & Waggs (retired)

In 1992 Growl created and ran the Furthest North Crew APA. Although FNC is the first Canadian based furry APA it included members from all over the world. The original title for the publication came from Jeremy Kidd who presented a large drawing entitled “The Furthest North Crew” to Growl on the flight to ConFurence 2 as a gift thinking that they would be the only two furs from Canada traveling to that convention. Growl ran FNC for approximately three years and then passed the duties of running the publication to John Boulton and Niall MacConnaill.

North American Fur (NAF) APA-zine was founded in 1997 by Growl, and he published the first three issues. When Ed Zolna closed down Mailbox Books in the spring of 1999, NAF almost folded because that was the major market. Jarlidium Press (who also happen to be charter members of NAF) were able to step in and continue the title, with all the same contributors.

Growl no longer runs any publications and has since returned to fursuiting. He has built fursuits and other costumes in the past and has won awards for stage performances. He is listed as a journeyman performer/costumer with the International Costumers Guild. In 2004, Growl came up with the concept of an online fursuit database and The Fursuit Database was born through the efforts of Radjin and Timduru. Growl's currently active fursuits are Chewy and Max. Growl ver. 2 is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. Max, his new German Shepherd brought to life by MoreFurLess debuted at BLFC 2019.

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