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Greyhare is a fursuiter from Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas, USA.[1]


When Greyhare lived in central Arkansas (c.1974-1980), he was heavily into Hash House Harriers, and always like being the hare and "running the hounds to death".[2] When the movie The Secret of NIMH came out in 1982, Greyhare saw it about twenty times in the theater; he loved looking at the characters' eyes, which would make him feel good inside. At about the same time, Greyhare discovered the movie Watership Down, and fell in love with the rabbit characters. He also enjoyed watching Bugs Bunny videos.

In the 1990s, when the internet started becoming readily accessible, Greyhare saw anthropomorphic art for the first time, and liked it.[2] Around 1996, he purchased several Bugs Bunny plushies on eBay. When the computer games Diablo II and World of Warcraft came out, all of his character names were based on the name "Greyhare".

Starting in 2010, Greyhare started watching furry videos on YouTube. However, he never thought of himself as a furry until he went to Texas Furry Fiesta 2012 on February 24.[2] Since that time, he has attended Wilds Nights 2012 and several local furmeets in the DFW area, meeting other furries and taking video of the events.[1]

Greyhare is on staff of Fangcon, for "Video Team and Promotions".[1]


Greyhare's fursona is a shape shifter whose form is based on his emotional state.[2] If he is in the middle of the road, emotionally, then he is in his real life human form. When he feels really good or at peace, then his fursona is Greyhare, a hare. This character is grey and white, like Bugs Bunny. The name is also a reference to his real life hair color, which has been grey since the late '70s.

When Greyhare has negative emotions, this brings out his darker fursona, a gray werewolf named Savage.


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