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Grey Nolder, also known as CommiePaws, or "That Soviet Rabbit", is the fursona of "John" (born June 1, 1991), a furry writer, role-player, and aspiring historian. Within the Second Life community, he's a builder and founder of the Red Guards/Erusea.


Grey has been known as "Grey" since around 2003, when he adopted the name for his accounts on web forums and communication outlets. The last-name "Nolder" was adopted after he created his Second Life account in July of 2006.

Grey's fursona is a rabbit or hare (official species listed as "Lepus/Lapine"), born on June 1, 1991. Standing 5'10", and with tan/white fur coloring, and slate blue eyes. His listed nationality is simply "Eurasian", a fictional continent located in a parallel world.

Real life[edit]

Grey was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. His heritage is of Boar-Afrikaner descent, his parents and close family being former citizens of Rhodesia until the ZAPU take-over in the early 1980's, when they fled to neighboring South Africa to live with other family.

Grey lives on the Eastern seabord of the United States, and works with politics, political sciences, economics, socio-economic studies, history and 3D graphic design and rendering. Grey specializes in ordnance design, weapons and war history.

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