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Gren (born 1998), is a male writer, sketch artist, and linguistics hobbyist from the United States.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Gren's first adventures into the anthropomorphic world were taken in his juvenescent years, reading such novels as those in Brian Jacques's Redwall series and roleplaying with his siblings and childhood friends.In 2010, he joined the Redwall Wiki fanbase, and has been a proud member of the online furry community ever since. It was there that he met his close friend, the Furry Tarot, who was another member of that site at the time.

He enjoys a broad range of anthropomorphic fiction, provided it is clean; Watership Down and The Tale of Despereaux are among his favorite works. He speaks the German, Dutch, and Spanish languages to varying degrees, and is studying Polish, Italian, and Norwegian- all of which he employs when creating artificial languages for anthropomorphic fiction.

He is also a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts, which he uses to bring realism to his role-plays and fiction works. He is the younger brother of another Furry writer and artist, Shaza.

He is known to have two fursonas- a fox bandit named Big Grin, and a gentleman ermine named Gren O'Wrackenderry.

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