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Greifer at Anthrocon 2007
TILT Longtail is a fursuiter who lives in Polk County, Florida, United States. His fursona, Wilson T. Longtail, is a cheetah.


In the late 1980s, TILT became interested in cartoons and mascot characters[1], and in 1992 he got his first job as a mascot at Universal Studios, Florida. There, he would eventually act as such characters as Bugs Bunny, Kermit the Frog, and Yakko Warner.[2]

In 1999, TILT began building his own costumes for Halloween parties, and at a 2002 party met Latin Vixen and Draconis, where he first heard of the furry fandom.

Being misinformed by a non-furry that the fandom was some kind of "kinky internet animal sexual fetish group", TILT avoided furries until Spring 2004, when he got his first computer. Looking up Latin Vixen's Mixed Candy website, he learnt about furries and fursuits, and was astonished to find there were others just as interested in anthropomorphic characters as he was.

TILT decided to build his own fursuit, and was (re-) introduced to local furries at a Halloween party hosted by Wildwolf.

In February 2005, TILT attended his first furry convention (Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005), and he has since attended several others. During Anthrocon 2007 he was mentioned in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article "Anthrocons convention turns city into 'real zoo'".

He was a guest of honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008, FurFright 2009 (with Tod Wills), and Motor City Furry Con 2015.[3]


TILT has three fursuits:[4]

  • Wilson T. Longtail: a costume of TILT's fursona. Wilson was constructed in September-October 2004, and was inspired by Chester Cheetah and Marsupilami.
  • Stormy Raccoon: Originally called Jugular Raccoon, this raccoon character was built to torment Jugular Jaguar during Midwest FurFest 2005 for his perceived victimization of raccoons. He was later renamed Stormy as he was built during Hurricane Wilma.
  • Greifer: a red fox. Greifer was originally designed by Rotekatze and built by Jax. TILT first saw this fursuit at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005, and in early 2006 was able to acquire it himself when it was auctioned online. Greifer is a German auto-mechanic and welder, and usually wears welding goggles.
  • Brer Fox: A disney-esque character with his own fur body and from the Swamp this nickname called "Brer Fox's Swamp"


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