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Gregory, the sinister manager

The Gregory Horror Show is a 3D animated series about a morbid and surreal hotel run by a sinsister anthropomorphic mouse with a cube shaped head. The story is almost always told from a first person perspective of a guest at the hotel who has no idea about how he arrived at the hotel.

Anthropomorphic Guests[edit]

The hotel is populated by a disturbing cast of anthropomorphics - and not just anthropomorphic animals, but all kinds of anthropomorphic characters.


  • Gregory, a mouse who is the manager of the hotel.
  • James, also a mouse and the grandson of Gregory.
  • Neko Zombie, a mutilated cat.
  • Catherine, a lizard nurse who has a sexual obsession with blood.
  • Mummy Papa, a mummified dog with a scimitar stuck in his head.
  • Mummy Dog, also a mummified dog and son of Mummy Papa. Has an axe in his head.
  • Angel Dog/Devil Dog, a dog with a split personality.

Inanimate Objects:

  • Judgement Boy, a weighing scale who poses hypothetical questions.
  • Judgement Boy Gold, also a weighing scale and is made of gold.
  • Hell's Chef, a candle and murderous cook.
  • Lost Doll, a doll who was once a little girl.
  • Roulette Boy, a roulette wheel who loves games.
  • Clock Master, a clock with time travelling abilities.
  • My Son, also a clock and son of Clock Master.


  • Cactus Gunman, a cactus and coward
  • Cactus Girl, also cactus and sister of Cactus Gunman. Not a coward.


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