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Gre7g Luterman (born January 17, 1967), is a furry writer and computer programmer. He is the husband of Kyoht, and, as of October, 2009, resides in Huntsville, Alabama. He wrote various furry stories, was a writer guest of honor for Fangcon, [1] created various furry websites, and owned the former House of Were.

Gre7g Luterman

The 7 is silent, and has appeared in programming credits and on business cards (and personal correspondence) since his days of programming for Biosource Software in the early 1980s.

Gre7g grew up in Columbia, Missouri, where he attended Hickman High School. He graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia with bachelor's degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering.

In 1998 and 1999 he was the benefactor in a pair of short story contests hosted through Temple of Luna, each of which offered $450 in prize money, distributed across the top three entries.

Furry Stories[edit]

Gre7g wrote:

Furry Websites[edit]

Gre7g created:

Notable Appearances[edit]

Gre7g was a guest of honor at Fangcon 2015.[4]


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