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Author(s) CaptainGerBear
Update schedule Irregular
Launch date 2006(?)
End Date Continuing
Genre Drama
Censor MA button.png

Grant is a webcomic created by artist CaptainGerBear. It tells the story of Grant, a homosexual werewolf.


  • Grant, an orphan who can transform into a werewolf.
  • Ina and Bert Blackley, Grant's adoptive parents.
  • Randy Horne, Grant's eventual lover.
  • Randy's family; his mother, father, and sister.
  • Bent, Grant's newest close friend.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


The story of Grant opens when he is a small boy living in Saint Michael's orphanage. He does not know who his parents are, nor much care. As he enters puberty, Grant finds that he can change into a werewolf, and he learns to control and hide this ability.

One day Grant is adopted by a couple, Ina and Bert Blackley. Growing up somewhere he feels he belongs, he is soon calling them mom and dad, and adopts their surname. Five years later, now an adult, Grant moves into his own home. Having his own personal space, Grant now spends more time in his beast form, which leads to some bodily changes. He becomes stronger and any wounds heal themselves immediately. He becomes immune to the effects of alcohol and medications, and his senses sharpen, with his sense of smell becoming particularly acute.

Grant concludes that he is a werewolf, and soon afterwards begins to sicken as an insatiable hunger begins to burn inside him. Randomly selecting a man on a bus, Grant stalks him with the intention of making him his first victim.

Following the man into a gymnasium, Grant exercises for a while, studying his prey until he heads for the shower room. Grant goes in after him, intending to slash his throat, eat his fill, and leave quickly before the body is found. Grant is subsequently surprised when his intended victim demands, "What took you so long? Did you think I'd say no?"

Confused, Grant hesitates, and the man, believing Grant was after a clandestine homosexual encounter, embraces and kisses him. Grant subsequently learns that his "feeding" simply requires prolonged oral contact with someone - it is not necessary to kill them. (Nor is it even necessary for sex to take place, though Grant's method of feeding generally leads to this.)

After that night, Grant buys a full gym membership and returns regularly to hook up with men in the showers.


During one visit to the gym, Grant meets Randy Horne. After Randy pulls a muscle lifting weights, Grant convinces Randy to allow him to rub some balm on his arm in the shower room. Despite smelling arousal and anticipation coming from Randy, and pegging him as an "easy meal", Grant is surprised when Randy becomes standoffish and makes to leave. Randy makes an offhand comment about not being a "snack for the big bad wolf", which makes Grant panic, though he is still able to convince Randy to join him for a cup of coffee in a cafe.

Grant and Randy get to talking over the coffee, and, becoming relaxed in each other's presence, start to enjoy themselves. When it is time to leave, Grant gets Randy's phone number, and the two eventually start going steady. Grant stops frequenting the gymnasium.

After tying Randy to a chair, Grant recounts his life story, and, promising he is going to "turn (Randy's) world upside-down", begins to disrobe. Thinking Grant's talk of being a wolven creature was just a metaphor of some sort, Randy expects this will simply lead to a kinky sex session, and freaks out when Grant changes into a werewolf in front of him. Once Randy has calmed down, he says he is going to need time to think things through, but by the end of the night he has joined Grant (in his werewolf form) in bed.

Meeting the parents[edit]

Eventually it is time for Grant and Randy to meet each other's parents. Ina and Bert Blackley guess that the pair are more than just room-mates, and have no problem with it. Bert, in particular, seems to positively enjoy teasing Grant and embarrassing him with personal questions.

Things go less smoothly when Grant has dinner with Randy's family. Although Randy's mother and sister are polite enough, his father disapproves of Randy's lifestyle. Randy's father abruptly leaves the table, but not before opining that Randy has brought Grant over just to upset him.


As of August, 2011, a new story arc sees Grant and Randy visiting a carnival and enjoying the various sideshows and rides. As they prepare to head home, Grant suddenly picks up a scent of fear amidst the other smells of the carnival. ("Not someone being a pussy on a ride, but honest-to-god terror.")

Grant tracks the scent to its source - a dark warehouse being used to store carnival equipment - and pinpoints the smell of fear as coming from inside a horse trailer. He finds a small girl locked inside, and partially transforms to use his strength to break the padlock and free her. After Grant and Randy leave the carnival, 2 women with similar features to Grant, namely black hair and yellow eyes are seen talking. The girl was supposed to be their meal, and when they read Grant's description from the police report, they reveal him to be their relative, Rayel. They also believe he took the girl as his own meal.


Page 38 starts off with Grant and Randy at home, enjoying each other and discussing the day ahead of them. Randy asks if Grant will accompany him to buy groceries, but Grant declines as he wants to relax at home. Later, Randy is seen getting in a cab to return home from the store. The mysterious cab driver states "I know where we're going".


Grant 41 is a flash video, depicting the night when Grant loses Randy from his point of view. Randy dies in a car crash. Throughout the video, time passes and Grant takes out his pain on himself and his werewolf form. At the end Grant is now bearded, and has more silver piercings.


Grant attends Randy's funeral with his parents and Randy's family. Randy's sister offers help to Grant and asks him to stay in contact.

Spiraling Down[edit]

Grant returns to frequenting the gym for sex, but his inward frustration shows outward as anger, driving away people and eventually getting him ejected from the gym. His work suffers, as he goes from a model employee to losing his job. As he walks home, he's mugged at night during a full moon. Only a small portion of his werewolf form shows through, as his nails turn to claws. He faces his 3 attackers, breaking one of their noses. He gets stabbed and his wallet is taken, though they run off when a local, Bent, shows up to aid Grant.

Moving Forward[edit]

Bent takes Grant to his place and cleans him up. Grant refuses an ambulance, and by the time Bent looks for a stab wound, it's already healed. Grant attempts to tip Bent off to his nature, pointing out subtle details only he could notice, but Bent insists that he's human. Bent asks what he can do to help, and begrudgingly Grant asks him for sex. Bent eagerly begins to prepare. They have sex, and stay close together in bed afterwards. Bent notes how much better Grant looks. Grant again tries to tell Bent about himself, but Bent sees it as an attempt to push him away, and insists he knows all he needs to for now.

During the night Bent is seen leaving bed when his alarm goes off 4 am. He takes a mysterious drug called 'Fortezone' and complains that his butt hurts before returning to bed. Grant has a nightmare where his werewolf form becomes a separate physical being, has torn off Bents arm and complimenting its taste.

In the morning, Bent wakes Grant up, giving him the only clothes that fit him and putting his bloody clothes away to wash. Bent finds Grant's 'Notice of Termination' in his pants, and learning he was just fired, asks him to help out at his store. The walk to Bent's store, Bent reveals that he works there as well as at a bar his friend owns, Alcatraz. Inside Bent's store "Bent & Wide", they restock shelves while looking for some better clothes for Grant. Grant 63 is a flash game where you dress Grant in all sorts of clothes from Bent's store. Bent mentions that one of the bouncers at Alcatraz is retiring and they could use Grant as a replacement. Grant and Bent decide to go clubbing that night. Also Grant asks Bent to go to the beach with him on a date.


Pages of Grant appear at very irregular intervals, with as much as a year passing between updates. As of November 22, 2011, there have been 35 pages released. Including one Flash video and one Flash game, as of Oct 4th, 2014, there have been 63 pages released.

Several frames in the comic contain cameo appearances of people who've drawn fan art of Grant.

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