Goof Troop

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Title Screen
Disney's Goof Troop
Season 1 65
Season 2 13
Language English
Running Time 22 Minutes

Goof Troop is an animated TV show created by Disney for the Disney Afternoon schedule, it began its airtime from September 1, 1992 to December 5, 1993 and featured one of Mickey's best friends, Goofy and his arch nemesis Pete as they live in their settled homes with their perspective families in tow.

Goof Troop was a very popular show that carried two seasons and two moves during its initial run, with Robert Taylor as the supervising producer, this series was made in frame by frame style; Like its brother show DuckTales and TaleSpin, it was made into a video game for the Super Nintendo System, after the removal of UPN and ABC's Saturday Morning, Goof Troop was then syndicated to Toon Disney where re-run would be seen every weekend.


In many episodes Charlies Adler and Corey Burton would also be added to the cast.

  • Goofy Goof... Bill Farmer
  • Max Goof... Dana Hill
  • Peter Pete... Jim Cummings
  • P.J. Pete... Rob Paulsen
  • Peg Pete... April Winchell
  • Pistol Pete... Nancy Cartwright

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