Golden Zoltan

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Golden Zoltan

Golden Zoltan (October 5, 1983 - March 9, 2018),[1] also known as GZ, Flukepup, Drew, real name Andrew McCall Dodson, was a furry. He attended furry conventions, had furry art drawn for him, had worn a fursuit, and some of his best friends were furs. His fursona was a Golden Retriever. He adapted this form from a deceased childhood pet, whose collar he wore when he went to furry conventions.

GZ grew up in South Carolina, USA. He graduated from Clemson University in 2007 with a degree in electrical engineering.

He eventually moved to Arkansas and was in a relationship with White Wolf. The relationship ended for various reasons including his drug usage and run-ins with police.[citation needed] Later on, GZ lived in Stratham, New Hampshire.[1]


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