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Golden Leaves Con
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Location Switzerland
Status Ongoing
First iteration Nov 4-7, 2010
Organizer(s) Swissfurs association
Subject Furry

Golden Leaves Con (often abbreviated to GLC) is an annual furry convention held in Switzerland. It takes place in November and is autumn themed. Golden Leaves Con 7 in Hasliberg in 2016 saw 187 attendees, making it the third-biggest furry convention in the German speaking area. After Ch-on was discontinued in 2012, it is currently the only active furry con in Switzerland.

Golden Leaves Con differs from most medium size conventions in that it is not catered by a hotel, but by a crew of volunteer furries. All meals and drinks are included in the convention fee. This arrangement, more typical of small-scale conventions, was kept in order to keep the convention affordable to international guests. Other specialties of GLC include a heated outdoor pool and free cocktails on two nights.

One of its main events is a full-length puppetry show by the Swiss Pawpeteers. It is the only pawpet production in the German language.

The Con is lead by Luxen and MafunDi. It was started together with KingTaibu. Organisers moreover currently[when?] are Garra, Avalon, Ragna, DexBlack, Fendracus, BlackLion, Flookie, Dragi_P, Luchs, Robs, Gazman, Daszh, Elwetika and naut.[1] For earlier cons, KingTaibu and Nikko also were core organisers.


The first convention took place at the Baselbieter Chinderhus Langenbruck, on November 4 to 7, 2010. It was fully booked with 42 furs who could enjoy a furdance, a heated outdoor pool, a torch walk, a cocktail night and game show. Another attribute was the local food; besides Swiss cheese fondue a number of home-cooked local dishes were served.


The second convention took place at Chinderhus Langenbruck (Switzerland) from November 3 to 6, 2011. Attendance was 44.



Golden Leaves Con 3 took place over November 15-18, 2012, again at Chinderhus Langenbruck. Attendance was 46.



Golden Leaves Con 4 took place over November 14-17, 2013.[2] It was held at the "Gruppenhaus Bärgsunne", located high above Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland.[3] With an attendance of 87 it had almost doubled in size. For the first time, the convention attracted a number of visitors from outside the German speaking countries, especially from the British fandom.



Golden Leaves Con 5 was held over November 13-16, 2014,[4] at the Gruppenhaus C'est la Vie in Hasliberg, Switzerland.[4] Attendance was 137.



Golden Leaves Con 6 took place over October 29-November 1, 2015,[5] at the Gruppenhaus C'est la Vie in Hasliberg.

The convention had a Halloween theme.[5] With over 130 guests, a new guest record was had, but it was not the only record for this year: Due to special climatic conditions, the con had over 15°C on the day and sun every day, which is really uncommon for over 1000m in the swiss alps and lead to a more outdoor-con feeling with a campfire and hammocks in addition to the pool.



Golden Leaves Con 7 took place over November 3-6, 2016,[6] at the Gruppenhaus C'est la Vie in Hasliberg. This year's theme was "School Trip", invoking "a trip down memory lane. Hiking, making bonfires, staying up late with your friends, pranks on teachers, maybe your first crush... Everyone has a story to tell."[7] As the interest in GLC had grown over the years, some 40 beds were rented at the nearby Panorama Hotel, bringing attendance up to 187 furries coming from 11 countries, including Sweden, UK, Ukraine and Japan. The standard fee including all meals and drinks was 170 Swiss Franks.



Golden Leaves Con 8 was held over November 2-5, 2017,[8] at the Panorama Hotel and the C'est la Vie guesthouse in Hasliberg.[8] The theme for this year was "Incredible India".[8] There were 222 attendees from 18 countries.[9]


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