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God Hates Furries is an anti-furry website recording what it considers to the be the "dark, crazy side of the Furry internet community". It lists examples such as furry artwork and websites, as well as providing sarcastic reviews and guides on furry sites and how to deal with furs.

Although generally seen as an anti-furry website, it is likely to be satire judging from its over-the-top tone and style, and because its name is a play on words parodying the better known website God Hates Fags.

The website encouraged furs to write and complain to the site. Many e-mails were posted and replied to. The site also hosted a gallery of photos of what were considered poorly-constructed fursuits.

On the 14 August 2005, WikiFur was mentioned on the website, including quotes from some of the less developed articles and mentioning the fact that some parts of the wiki were locked to editing due to vandalism. GreenReaper later contacted J to thank him for the link, which sent over 100 visitors to WikiFur.


God Hates Furries
I firmly believe that nothing is beyond Furries[1]
God Hates Furries
God Hates Furries
Furryism is like an onion. Consider an onion - it has layers upon layers of skin that can be peeled away. Furryism is like that, but instead of layers of onion skins, furryism has layers upon layers of what is scientifically known as "Horrible disgusting shit". And, like an onion, as you peel away more and more layers of horrible disgusting shit you tend to start weeping uncontrollably[1]
God Hates Furries


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