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Glove is a fur of much less talent than most, and much less popular than those may take into thought. He currently resides in Phenix City, Alabama. He graduated highschool at the age of 15 through homeschooling because he had been expelled from both of the public schools in his area. He grew up with one parent, his mother. Four brothers, and one sister as well. He's the youngest of the whole group of children and has caught much grief in his situation but usually pulls through by just not staying in contact with his family. His birth given name is Philip Isham Michael Parks, the first of the two middle names having been removed before he started school.


Except the second youngest brother which is his full brother, as himself and this one brother have the same mother and father, they get along the best. He knows much about playing piano, bass, and drums though he cannot read sheet music. He prefers singing over most musical instruments but if made to play one, he'd rather play a bass more than anything. His art style which he dubs "nonsense" is seen everywhere and nowhere, that all just depends on where you look for it.


He claims to have taken his artstyle from patterns he's seen on street signs, bedsprings, cracks in brick walls, and graffiti on passing train cars as he lives very close to the train trustle in his town and most of his artistic inspiration comes from the passing trains every morning. He is as well an avid musician, but limits his musical styles to the playing of a bass guitar as well as a piano. He also partakes in singing, but only for friends.

Personal Life[edit]

He's secretive about his personal life accept with his very close friends, and only four people know everything about him. And mostly everything he knows is based on the fact that he reads too much, and his reading is the cause of him having to wear glasses because he'd read books under the moonlight in his room and it caused severe eye problems later on at the age of 14 causing him to not be able to see anything out of the range of ten feet from his person without a pair of glasses.

He's got adulthood ADHD and tends to jump from subject to subject when talking to friends, throwing off the impression of him being a complete and total moron, which he even believes himself. But he's honest and to the point, and won't hesitate to speak his mind when someone crosses the line.

As of late he's been known to have procured a job which none know much about, but said job does not prevent him from continuing work on his solo album he is currently working on. This album has five songs and can be found at .

As of late he has been spending time with his fiance of one year, Ivy. They've been together for a year, as previously stated and became engaged upon his 18th birthday.


He's found on his computer at strange hours of the night and day, depending on what he's doing in that precise day you'll most likely find him on late at night. He enjoys chatting up a storm on Yahoo, and can be very friendly if he feels he can trust the one he is speaking to.

As aforementioned one can find him on Yiffchat, or on YIM under several screen names.

Furry Life[edit]

Usually found on the furry chat known as Yiffchat under the moniker of Commando_Glove, he can usually be found mucking about in the lobby, rarely ever trecking out to other rooms because all of the important people are there in the lobby. He's known by most for being an extreme asshole at most increments in time, and by very few in the wee early hours of the morning as the one with a perverted, almost sickening sense of humor. As an example his best joke was given to an old friend who is no longer a friend, which he heard on Tv and threw it into the conversation as a tip for his friend to say when he arrived in Canada at another friend's dorm. "UH-OH HOTDOG" was this saying.

But his usual group of conversation participants are Efrath, Kaz, Rant, Snowy, Suzuko, and Fenris. Most of the time he's stuck in the lobby without any of those people, and those are usually the moments in which he gets in the most trouble. Getting into quarrels with a chat moderator on a regular basis is one of his trademarks. But usually these quarrels spark out of a wayward joke that he shouldn't have made. He has created many characters, not all furry, but most are. But in his comics that he publishes and sells in a local music shop, all of his characters find a way to intermingle and in his locality he is known by the moniker of "Sandman" for his portraying of the fairy tale Sandman. He dubbed this character "William Lupus Nightwind" and there is further story to this character, for the full story one would have to speak with him for complete knowledge.

Glove as drawn by aroka-dragon


Strangely enough though, the pictures drawn of him never have his trademark tentacles. He uses them on a regular basis to spray people with steaming coffee, "chocolate spewge", or mace. Though he loves every picture drawn of him as much as the next, he awaits the day someone draws him with tentacles like he's supposed to be. He got the idea of a wolf with tentacles from a stuffed wolf doll that his great grandmother gave him, at the age of five a hole had been torn in the back of it to the point which sewing it closed as not an option, so with a toy stuffed octopus and a few clothing patches he sewed the wolf back together and named the wolf toy Mordecai, which is Glove's true name.