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Glaice relaxing

Glaice, previously known as Chrisdragon up until late 2008, (born April 25, 1982) is an anthropomorphic blue and white northern sergal who resides in North Babylon, New York, USA. He is not the artist KaNiS, which he is occasionally confused for.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Glaice has an interest in computer hardware/software, the furry fandom in general and extreme metal music, which occupies almost all his time. He can be found on Inkbunny, Furnet, Weasyl, F-List as well as Telegram and various Discord servers.

He has attended FurFright 2003, which has been his only major con since he got into the furry fandom sometime in August or September of 1996. Not only FurFright but many smaller meets, usually with the other Long Island Furs in the area.


Glaice as a sergal

As of October 2009, Glaice has changed species to a blue and white northern sergal. As this race of Vilous, he lacks the wings and ice powers his dragon side had but also is less violent compared to the typical northern. He stands 7' (2.1m) tall, has short brownish hair, is bisexual and is currently single.

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