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Gill Panda

Gill Panda is a furry artist and a fat fur who resides in Texas, USA. His fursona can be many different characters, but his main fursona is a 5'11" tall giant panda weighing 700lbs.

His art style and subject is based around fat furs, BBW, anime, and western animation.



"Coligra" was Gill's first manga series in February of 2006. It had gained minimal popularity on deviantART with the fat furry fandom due to most of the characters being fat and a cameo of Hoodah's Chelsie.

From early drawings/scraps, it appeared that Gillpanda was supposed to be a polar bear with a feline companion by his side. This, however, was scraped.

The story is about Gill himself; having the same dream about him encountering a couple of unidentified human characters ready to execute him. He works at a burger/meat shop called "Bosse's T-boneless Burgers". However, it also delivers pizza to costumers (Note: There is no given reason to this and may just be continuity error). It is also revealed that he has super powers. Examples are the psychic ability to retrieve any item and the ability to fix anything with "Green Ink". He also has the ability to dash at super-speed which may just be used for comedic effect whenever he is late.

Coligra is known to contain continuity errors due to either adding cameos of his friends, revamping, or skipping to later parts of the story.

There are many similarities to other manga/video game series. One is that Gill is often depicted having a giant paint brush; very reminiscent of the character Naruto Uzumaki in official images. An antagonist in the revamped version looks very similar to the ones of the same series mentioned before. The manga seems to have a setting between oriental and modern.

Care Bears and the Light that Never Was

Care Bears and the Light that Never Was was a short-lived dōjinshi that only lasted 19 pages.

The manga first began in April of 2006. Before that, Gill had asked his viewers to create new character concepts for the series. Most range from theme of computers to sexual fetishes.

Sonic 3

Sonic 3 was another short-lived dōjinshi that was made around February of 2007 for testing purposes. Most of the characters retained their retro-style look. Only five pages exist.

Dae Hyun

Dae Hyun (named for a Korean name meaning "Great and honor") was first released around May of 2009. The story centers around a human (or so the viewer thinks) who went through an experimentation; turning him into a dog. The antagonist is a Spanish-speaking chihuahua named Dr. Ibble. Later in the first chapter, an unnamed boy and man is introduced while arguing.

It should be noted that only one chapter has been completed so far and it's one of his recent manga series created.

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