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Gijinka (擬人化), also known as Moe Anthropomorphism, is a Japanese word meaning "humanoid", "personification", or "anthropomorphic", although the use of the word outside of Japan has come to be slightly different from the use of the word "anthropomorphic" in the anime/manga/furry/etc communities. Rather than referring to just any animal with human characteristics, a gijinka is most often a fan re-design of an animal-like character in a human or humanoid form, (ex: a Digimon or Pokémon).

Often the newly created characters seem to wear a cosplay of the base character rather than having real animal features. Often the species is just indicated by the color of clothing and some markings on the skin. There is no real guideline where Gijinka ends and Anthro begins, but Gijinka may be a bridge between Kemonomimi and Anthro characters or an Anthro style acceptable in both the Furry and the Anime community.

The most common Gijinka-styled characters are Renamon and Gatomon from Digimon and Pikachu from Pokémon. More recently, My Little Pony characters have become popular subjects for gijinka cosplay.

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