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Diesel T. Dare, or simply Diesel (born 1987) is a British cartoonist, writer and singer. He is best known for his artwork predominantly rooted in both fatfur and inflation subcultures, and as the former deputy editor and founding member of webzine The Furtean Times. His fursona is an alley cat, though he has previously been both a lynx and a coyote.[1]


[edit] Role in the Fandom

Diesel first identified himself as a furry as early as 2003, though he didn't officially identify himself as an active member of the fandom until late 2005, joining The InflatioNation community as a member of the guest gallery.[2]

In early 2007 Diesel helped form the online fanzine The Furtean Times after Alexander Grey announced the project via the InflatioNation forums, and became deputy editor and features writer for the first two editions.[3] According to the second issue of The Furtean Times, he was earmarked to be attending Confuzzled 2008 to report on the event[4], but later declined to attend.

Since 2007 Diesel has identified himself in the fandom as an occasional amateur cartoonist and art appreciator, opting to create quick art entirely for entertainment. As a writer by education and trade he has been the first to admit that he is far more a wordsmith than an artist, though has rarely written much furry material outside of the short-lived 2007 serial Ghostriding to Minneapolis.

'Fifth Diesel', or Dr. Diesel Leon, an incarnation of Diesel's fursona from 2007

Diesel has reinvented his fursona no less than nine times, eight times as felines, and once as a coyote. His most famous incarnation is that of Dr. Diesel Leon, a lynx character now referred to in his work as 'Fifth Diesel'. He has jokingly pointed out the varying personalities of each of his nine incarnations, making playful references to Doctor Who.[5]

Since early 2012 Diesel has continued to contribute regular furry art, though still considers his role in the fandom a 'hobby' as opposed to a 'lifestyle'.

[edit] Ghostriding to Minneapolis

Ghostriding to Minneapolis, or GTM, was a thriller/mystery serial written by Diesel T. Dare which launched in March 2007, based around the exploits of Diesel, a lab technician lynx and his neurotic staff. The series ran for six episodes without conclusion.

Originally intended as extension to the backstory of Diesel's fursona, GTM borrowed many TV-Drama techniques, in particular the use of 'flashbacks' of the central characters in order to explore their backstories whilst remaining on a present-time fabric (as pioneered by ABC's 'Lost').

[edit] Plot

GTM's story takes place in the fictional city of Furtropolis, New York. Focus is centered around the day-to-day business of ArrowBase, a clinic for 'undernourished furries', which is run by Dr. Diesel Leon, a 'stuffing scientist' who dedicates his work to fattening up furs who feel they cannot gain weight on their own will. The 'lab', as it is more commonly referred to, is the centre-stage for the majority of action within the series.

Alongside the day-to-day business of ArrowBase, two major threads which run core to the plot of the series are the ongoing investigation and mystery surrounding the failed murder attempt of Lance Parris, an ArrowBase employee; and the ongoing personal traumas of each of the cast members (which are assessed through flashback featurettes in each episode).

[edit] Premature End

GTM was slated to run for approximately twelve stories, with a 'season finale' unveiling Lance's attacker, and forcing a cliffhanger to lead into a second season of stories. However, Diesel states that he struggled to keep creative momentum with the series, and that as he was writing a new episode on a weekly basis, it became difficult to maintain both his own interest and divulge his own time in the project.

[edit] Outside the Fandom

Diesel is currently a jobbing playwright, currently looking for his first stage commission.[6] He also writes lyrics and performs as singer for a blues-pop project.[7]

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