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Georgia Furs refers to the general furry population in the U.S. state of Georgia, and to the number of similarly-named communities which cater to them.

Sites[edit][edit] is a website founded in 2003 by Kiran Lightpaw, Tiger Paw and a number of the Atlanta-area furs. In 2017, the forums were disabled. In 2021, the website began undergoing a redesign, and is still being actively updated.

One of the first changes that happened was the introduction of the "GeorgiaFurs Hub" ( which links to chat rooms for several major localities throughout Georgia as an advertised attempt to bring local furry communities together.

Georgia Furs (Telegram)[edit]

"Georgia Furs" is a Telegram chat with around 600 members and is the primary method of communication for furs in the state. It also hosts an event announcement channel as well as a Discord server. Multiple in person and online events are actively held every month in the community.

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