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Gennii Drominda (also known as GenniiDrominda or Gennii) is a student whose fursona is a blue skunk with cat-like tendencies.

An artist of modest skill, she focuses mostly on female furry art, ranging from clean to adult "yiffy" art.

Fursona information[edit]

Base stats[edit]

  • 5'7" Blue fur (typically between royal and medium blue)
  • Violet eyes
  • Slightly heavy-set (i.e. little love handles)
  • White striping from her neck to just on the insides of her thighs, from the back of her neck to the tip of her tail.
  • White hands, white feet, and white around her eyes.

Fursona backstory[edit]

Originally, she didn't associate a fursona to herself. A avid fantasy lover, mostly of Lord of the Rings and Redwall, she actually attributed a created elf character to herself, named Sailor FaerieRose (the senshi name belying her great love for the anime Sailor Moon).

Roleplaying on the internet gave her the window into the furry fandom. Due to her great love of animals, cats in particular, she took on a anime-like catgirl fursona, and kept that for a few years, until 1998.

However, after a year or two (around 1998-1999), the catgirl fursona just didn't resonate with her, so she began to broaden her thoughts. After species research, a skunkette was doodled, then fully fleshed out.

The odd fur coloration is due to her favorite color being cerulean, and wanting to stand out a little bit.

Real Life[edit]

Gennii is the fursona of Jennifer (who goes by Jen), who is a full time student at the Art Institute of Phoenix, located in Phoenix, Arizona, studying Media Arts and Animation as of late 2007, returning to finish her final year.

Currently works a full time job, which involves throwing papers at a scanner and staring blankly at a computer screen.

Lives with in a house with her boyfriend, Jeremiah, a friend, Alexander (or Alchaun), and Alchaun's girlfriend, Ashley. Four cats, and three turtles round out the household, two of the cats being Jen's. A male and a female, named Jing and Jaing, respectively.

Her hobbies include drawing, singing (having taken over the years a combined total of 13 years of vocal training), singing karaoke, reading manga, poking around on the internet, surfing Fur Affinity, or sleeping (an activity she can never get enough of).

Horrifically addicted to Code Red Mountain Dew, and can usually be seen with a can of it.

Is currently working on a self written, self illustrated manga-type comic book that will be entitled F.A.E. (Faeries After Ending).

Has commissioned a fursuit by ScribbleFox, and has paid half of it as of April 2008. The fursuit will be of her fursona.

She hopes to have the suit by late June of 2008, to attend Anthrocon 2008, however, she has no problem waiting until Further Confusion 2009, due to it being closer to her place of living, in Arizona.

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