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Gen in her fox persona

Genesis Whitmore, full Genesis Eve Whitmore, formerly known as Genesis Cook (born August 13, 1974), is a furry artist and creator of Little Tales webcomic. She resides in Orlando Florida with her husband and two cats, Mugsy and Joy.

She has been married to Scott Whitmore since 1997 and uses the marriage as one of the primary inspirations of her webcomic.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She first entered into the furry fandom (as Genesis Cook) via a few fan letters she sent to Albedo and Hepcats in the early 1990s during the black and white comic explosion happening at the time. She found copies of Critters and Usagi Yojimbo, and began trying to learn off of them and discover other similar comics. The internet was not as developed back then, so she met her first true furry friends via penpal. And it was through them that she entered into her first fanzine, a Canadian based APA run by Growl called Furthest North Crew.

From there she was hooked and loved the fact that there was a fandom of people who enjoyed drawing and writing stories about anthropomorphic as much as she did, and has been relatively active ever since.


Gen first drew herself as an anthropomorphic cat, but switched to a fox in 2006 for various reasons. Her persona has always been called simply "Gen", as she feels that since her RL name is odd enough, her cartoon alt can have something a little more normal.

Convention attendance[edit]

Her first convention was ConFurence 5 in 1994. She has also attended Furtasticon as a guest (which later became ConFurence East), Duckon (as the furry GoH one year), Anthrocon, Furry Spring Break, and she still regularly attends Megaplex, serving as the Dealers Den liaison. When finances allow, she also attends Dragoncon and Megacon.

Art and media[edit]

Her artwork not only has appeared in FNC, but also Rowrbrazzle, Huzzah, Furrlough, Gallery, Pawprints, Yarf! and The American Journal of Anthropomorphics.

In 2009, she printed the first collection of her webcomic in a manga-sized graphic novel, Little Tales, Year One. Every subsequent year she has released a collection of her online comics.

Other creative outlets[edit]

Besides artwork she also does a little bit of sculpting when she can get her hands on some oven bake clay and paints, gaming miniature kitbashing, writing, and roleplaying. She was formerly staff on Sinai MUCK and FurrySpace, and Twisted Kingdoms.

She is rapidly becoming known for her Livestream shows which feature custom ATC and postcards drawn live via webcam. She has also participated in 24-hour comics day three years running and has begun to draw comic stories on Livestream with cameos in the stories offered up for sale.

Gen also does a yearly gaming marathon called Gaming for Kitties to benefit Big Cat Rescue in Tampa where she plays cute, strange, and obscure games for 48 hours. The marathon is known for the fun incentives Gen and her friends do to encourage people to donate, such as everyone wearing strange kigurumis and making people read bad fanfiction. To date, Gaming for Kitties has raised over $38,000.

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