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Gene Catlow is a furry comic strip by Albert Temple and Tawana Gilroy. The main characters in the strip are their fursonas, Gene Catlow and Catswhisker. Thus named after the star character, Mr. Catlow is not your average black cat in a day in the life, in the metropolis of Furriston. Still he's not alone with his friends of fellow characters.


The plot takes place in a fictional universe where not only humans are intelligent, but also furries and a species referred to as animen. Also as the plot moves along, many forms of technology gain 'self-awareness'. In that universe, humans used to be the dominant species, having furries as their pets (or slaves). However, in an economic revolution, furries achieved autonomy and their own economically and politically-stable country.

The comic runs in that scenario, reconstructing these events and dealing with some of the "loose ends" of that situation. Subjects like prejudice, racism, tolerance, power and forgiving are dealt with. Later on, animen are introduced as major characters of the plot, bringing further explanation of the plot's past and present.

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