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Gavin Gator is the alias of Scott Gavinston, an otherkin scaly from western Pennsylvania, born in Newcastle Waters, Northern Territory, Australia. He has also been known as Watcher and Gavin Dragonheart. Gavin is portrayed as an anthropomorphic American alligator, in homage to fellow countryman and environmentalist, the late Steve Irwin. Gavin's father, an Australian zoo veterinarian, had met the late Crocodile Hunter a few times professionally, but Gavin never had a chance to meet Irwin. Nevertheless, his father's work, as well as Irwin's, inspired Gavin to get his bachelor's degree in Biology at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and currently work toward his M.S. in Environmental Science at American University in Washington, D.C. Gavin is a social liberal, an active environmentalist and a devout Episcopalian. He is currently married to his wife Sarah and has 3 children and their toy chihuahua Bubba (also known by Gavin as Killer). Gavin is a Christian fur.

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Dungeons and Dragons[edit]

Gavin is an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons and is a veteran Dungeon Master, having played from the game's early days. He is also DM and Storyteller on many other RPGs, both tabletop and LARP. One of his greatest hobbies is creating fictional species, often by hybridizing existing species. One of his more well-known creations is the sea adamantite dragon, an aquatic version of one of D&D's most powerful dragons. Because of the unusual hybridization involved, Gavin decided to limit the species to only a few specimens, one of which he played on MUCKs often as Gavin Dragonheart. Gavin is also responsible for creating many more species, often anthro versions of existing species. He has also taken several popular TV and anime shows and written character sheets for most of the characters fitting within current D&D or d20 systems. Examples of such are DragonballZ, He-Man, Conan the Barbarian, Robin Hood, Vampire Hunter D and Chrono Crusade.