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André Kon, 2015.

André Louis Kon[1], also known as Dracokon and formerly as Raptor Millennium III[2], (b. April 13, 1988[3]) is a French-American scaly and cetacean adult writer from San Antonio, Texas who joined in the furry fandom in 2000. His short stories generally pertain to niche fetishes and have garnered a small but dedicated following; his works made frequent appearances on the activity charts at Yiffstar. He adopted his current "Dracokon" name in 2007.

Aside from his written work Dracokon is most well known as the administrator of Herpy: Reptile Lovers' Community. As of July 2013 he has been a recurring guest on the video game streaming website Gatorbox[4] marking his first regular appearance in front of a camera.

Dracokon's primary avatar is an amorphous ("goo") purple Western dragon named Kon.


Dracokon's Lair as of May 2010.

Dracokon is a bisexual zoophile (non-practicing herpetophile and cetaceaphile, specifically) and specializes in works that involve feral reptiles, dragons, dinosaurs, and dolphins. He is homosexual in regards to human relationships. His story setting preferences usually revolve around themes of medieval fantasy, science fiction, and occasionally contemporary or modern-day events. Dracokon's works are heavily fueled by personal fantasy and according to the author are a safe way for him to "live" his fantasies without fear of causing unintentional physical harm to animals[5] or to explore interests that are otherwise impossible in real life.

His common online avatar is a purple/lavender Western dragon with blue stripes and green eyes. Formerly, Dracokon's online persona was that of a semi-robotic Utahraptor. Before establishing a new avatar within the fandom, Dracokon was commonly recognized by a stylized green and aqua version of his signature.

Dracokon's surname (Kon) is phonetically "cone", though due to constant mispronunciations throughout his childhood he has adopted the Americanized "con" pronunciation. The name of his dragon avatar is spelled the same but is phonetically "con".

Written works[edit]

Although he intermittently uploads drawings, photography, and other works, Dracokon primarily refers to himself as a writer and claims his start in the written arts began in 1995. Below is a selected list of some of his more noteworthy works.[6]

Short stories[edit]

Published work[edit]

  • Aliens & Ethics (2013, upcoming) - A former collaboration-turned-solo work. A dragon-themed sci-fi erotica.
  • The DraconomiKon (201x, announced) - A collection of short stories from previous years along with a personal journal and insight into the works.

Convention appearances[edit]

André Kon hosting The Video Game Concert for Attractive People at Realmscon 2013.

Dracokon attended Further Confusion 2009 as an invited panelist and spoke at three writing panels on the themes of character development, artistic inspiration, and an open panel for good but little-known furry literature.

He fell off the radar for several years until 2013 when he broke his "convention silence" and emceed The Video Game Concert for Attractive People as an exaggerated caricature of himself for Realmscon in Corpus Christi, TX. He was also the would-be host of an interactive comedy show, André Kon: Talk Furry to Me, but it was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.[7] He reprised his emcee role in 2014 with the musical troupe "Attractivision".

Convention attendance (as guest)[edit]

  • Further Confusion - 2009
  • Realmscon - 2013, 2014, 2015

Dracokon has yet to attend any other furry conventions but mentions on his website that he's open to invitations to assist with productions and other ventures that would benefit from his advice or attendance. [8]



Kon, 2011 (by AlientKnight)
Kon is a Western dragon, purple in appearance and usually a lighter shade such as lavender, whose distinguishing features include an array of blue stripes that adorn hir backside starting from the back of hir neck and running perpendicular to hir spine down to the base of hir tail. Three stripes are also present on hir forearms and thighs. As with standard reptilian fare, Kon's belly and underside are cream colored. The dragon also has vivid green eyes which are sometimes accented with slim rectangular framed glasses. There is no anthro version of Kon.

After the posting of the short story Secret Oasis (wherein the Kon character undergoes a transformation into a goo-based character) it became a commonplace joke among the writer's friends to refer to Kon as a "goo dragon". This inside joke was later incorporated into the character's persona and the "Kon" dragon now exists as two separate characters. Dracokon has adopted the goo "motif" as his own and utilizes it in way such as making his Twitter background a purple slime texture.


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