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Garyu is a Japanese professional game designer, computer graficcer, and amateur comic/manga artist.


All his games are raising sims for free, written in Japanese having no English patches. His aim is to design "artificial pets as if they actually exist" within a short program.[1] Ryuu-no-Kazauta I & II are still availavle on Muryou-Game-no-Kandume (無料ゲームの缶詰, canning of free games. See external links).


Ryuu-no-Kazauta (竜の風詩, Dragon's wind-poetry) was a raising-sims released in 1997 for browse unknown. Players nurture dragons who grow up in various shape depending on feeds and items.

Ryuu-no-Kazauta II[edit]

In 2003, Garyu released a new raising-sims "Ryuu-no-Kazauta II (竜の風詩2)" for windows 98/me/00/xp. "Dragon Death" (Ryuu-shi-byou, 竜死病) spreads on a planet Dragood (ドラグード), 300 million light years distant from the earth and dragons become in danger of extinct. So players become foster-parents of an orphaned and mentally-wounded dragon and let them play mini-games and explore in dangeons. This game has a serious plot and over 100 events. Programming languagues were Javascript and CGI. [2]


In 2014, Garyu released Ko-ryuu-no-Kazauta (Puppy-Dragon's Wind-Poetry), application for iOS/Android, with his friend GW. In an isolated island on the planet Dragood, a puppy-dragon who has evacuated from invaded Mizutaki-no-kuni, happens to get in touch with players using the communicator. Players nurture puppy-dragon and fight in the style of Pelmanism for the sake of him/her.

In the same year, he won Grand-prix of "みんなのゲームアワード (Folk's Game Award) in 2014" among other numerous commercial game projects. [3]


He draws manga for doujinshis at least since 1999, having contributed for all joint-doujinshis of Sirudora of KEMONERS and KEMONERS02 since 2000. On the other hand, he has his own circle "So-Ryu-Dou (創竜堂)" and there he mostly publishes vore comics and advertising comic books of Ko-ryuu-no-Kazauta.

Sex Preferences[edit]

He draws both male and female dragons and dragonutes. Especially in his vore comics, male dragonute are raped and finally eaten.


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