Garden of Eden

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The Garden of Eden is an adult location on FurryMUCK, a text-based furry-themed virtual world. You can reach the entrance to the Garden of Eden with the command t goe from anywhere on the MUCK. Once there players must read rules and set a property on themselves as directed in order to enter. The entire location is age-locked to prevent minors from entering. It is maintained by Jurann.

The Garden of Eden is an adult area for both casual conversation and adult roleplay. The basic premise of the Garden of Eden takes the form of a greenhouse broken into 9 areas representing various bioclimatic zones. The entrance occupies the south-central area, the center area being the location of the dais where players are encouraged to meet and hold conversations. The remaining seven areas are primarily for adult roleplay. The GOE is strongly sexually themed and geared for all genders, including herms; clothing is optional (and preferably absent).

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